Our Turn. We Got This.

Corporations can’t make money unless people buy their products. Unless, of course, the government pays them – think Verizon spying scandal or the Windows/NSA alliance. We’re getting kind of tired of corporations sacrificing our health, safety and other forms of well being for money. We’re also tired of unscrupulous companies taking taxpayer money – OUR money – to spy on us! Maybe our parents generation believed that they didn’t know or were forced to do it, but we’re a little more tech-savvy. So we’re going to help them change. We’re going to stop rewarding the behavior, by refusing to give them our money. We’re going to stop buying the products and services that hurt us and invade our lives.

On this site you will find companies that actively engage in such negative behavior.  All events will be fully documented.

Anyone is welcome to submit a company for addition to the list, but all submissions must be accompanied by verifiable proof of the reported behavior. We reserve the right to reject or remove any posts that we find offensive or false. I’m sure you understand.

Let’s work together to positively change our world.